SHAREit and its advantages

In today’s world, data is life and we all know it. What is stopping you from securing your data? Cost? Remove that spectre from your mind as some completely free commercial software to safely and securely transfer your data is here. SHAREit is one such app. It is free and it can be used to transfer and share data without any fuss whatsoever. We have prepared a small compendium of features of the new app in the data sharing market. Let’s get down to it right now.

SHAREit boasts of one feature above all else: it is superbly fast. The official publisher of the app says that it can run speeds at up to 40 times the normal speed of other near-field connectivity devices like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The new SHAREit app will be able to transfer extremely big, sometimes bordering on huge, files. It does so by being able to break down the file into several pieces very similar to the P2P sites we commonly see. It can then send the files from one enabled device to another using the same nifty trick as several torrent websites. you can download shareit for Windows.


The next feature which makes the SHAREit app so good is that it can and does support a large number of data formats as well. Expect the app to be able to share all formats of data including music files like MP3 and WAV, image files like JPEG and GIF, multiple video file formats like FLV, AVI, MP4, and MKV, as well as file sharing options for important documents and contacts.

The SHAREit app is secure like you wouldn’t believe. The new app is one of the safest data transfer software available. One of the banes of modern technology is that data theft is common and can often be used for mischievous and frivolous as well as dangerous activities which can sometimes border on blackmail. Many security agencies like the NSA of the United States and the FSB of Russia, the successor to the superbly efficient KGB, are often accused of planting rumours and fictitious stories about their respective political opponents by snooping on their data. We have long since seen what happened to Edward Snowden. We must be able to encrypt our data if we are to stay untouched by the relentless steam engine of the technological era. The SHAREit app does all these remarkably well and at the slight touch of a button so that you need not be concerned about the safety of your data.

In passing, we must tell you one two great feature of the SHAREit app. The app can be used without the access to Wi-Fi necessary. The new app is also very important to the people who lead a fast-paced life and require data transfer on the go. While transferring data, one major obstacle faced by Bluetooth is the fact that it sometimes falls prey to a disrupted network. Not any longer. The new SHAREit app does all the data sharing work like a charm. You will miss it at your own peril.