iPad mini 5 common problems and how to fix them

As the Apple Inc. has gone opposite by releasing the small version of iPad but certainly the customers are very much liking the iPad mini version and they manage to sell the millions of its iPad mini version to its users all across the world and they maintained their prophecy of selling its product as like the other iOS 11 devices. As with any new devices there are problems associated with it and what’s we are aiming today and all the remedy to solve them and fix the problems. As we know that the iPads are designed and developed by the Apple Inc. so we will taking out the problems.

  • Quality of display: One of the biggest problem of the iPad mini 5 is the quality of the display as it does not support the Apple’s famous retina display, as it is small screen so it should affect but the keen users will surely find the quality of the pixels.

Solution: All you can do is wait for better display of the coming generation iPad version.

  • Freezing, slowdown and random restarts: If we look clearly such cases were not whole but big. Suddenly slowdown or freezing of the iPad mini. As there can be various cause for it.

Solution: Just go to the settings and then general and then usage to find the culprit and you can close or uninstall the app.

  • Not working of auto brightness : Many users have reported the problem of not working of auto brightness as when you arrive at dark place the brightness should increase and ongoing to the bright area the brightness should decrease but if that’s not happening so check it prior in the settings.

Solution: a. Turn off the auto brightness than press and hold the power button and home button until you see Apple logo. Turn on the auto brightness back.

  1. You can personally set auto brightness according to your desired position.

     (4) Some of the mini problems: Experiencing iPad Mini Wi-Fi problems and facing some problems as it won’t charge etc.

(5) Not working f the microphones: A numbers of user have reported the problem of not working of the microphones and during videos calling or using skype or other services. First you have to check whether the problem is associated with single app or the other apps to have the problems and if the problems continuous than check whether the cover isn’t blocking the microphone if the problem then seek for the solution defined below.

Solution: a. Might if the microphone have dust sucked in it and causing the trouble. Try a vacuum cleaner to clear your headphones or the microphones to unblock it.

  1. If that doesn’t help then you have just go to the service center of the Apple if the trouble is caused due to there’s fault then they will repair it but if there is any external cause then you have fix it by paying them.