Christmas Celebration in Goa

Goa is always the hot destination to all tourists. The attraction of this place is very high in worldwide. The season appropriate to go for Goa is winter. You can join the famous Goanese carnival. The most exciting time is the Christmas time. Total Goa is look like a fairy tale at this time. Lights, decoration, beach parties, various foods and bunch of energetic people come to this place and mixed with the whole atmosphere. Christmas day in Goa is celebrated like no place else in India. Here are some obvious things to do in Christmas if you want to come here. do not forget to share christmas clip art


Attend a Midnight Mass

Goa is the home of churches, you can find over 400 churches here. The best way to celebrate your Christmas in Goa is to attend the Christmas midnight mass service. Se Cathedral or Basilica of Bom Jesus is the best option for this purpose. This service usually starts at 10pm so if you want to see the whole procedure then you have to go there quite before to grab a seat. Join the prayer and the carols sings by them. you can share Christmas meme with your friends.

Sumptuous Christmas Dinner

Goa is famous for its delicious sea food and other Goanese recipes but you will get exceptional at the Christmas time. You can enjoy traditional Christmas dinner at a small or fancy restaurant. Here you can get mouthwatering grilled seafood item, roast turkey or pork. You should also try the authentic Goan’s dish once.

Watch Fireworks at the Beach

Besides this you can enjoy the awesome firework display at the beach. Here you can see this lighting up to the midnight sky on both Christmas and New Year Eve. This is really a great experience to this show from North Goa.

Join Christmas Party

If you come in Goa and did not join to the famous beach or cruse party then I must say you will miss the spirit. You know here held the Asia’s biggest music festival and it was like a talent hunt. At the time of Christmas here you will able to see the well known carnival of Goa.

This is all about the overall flavor of Goa and its Christmas time celebration. You will get a rich experience if you really visit Goa at the time of Christmas. Check Also merry christmas images