Best New Year Romantic Date Ideas (Updated)

When it comes to spending the New Years Eve with someone you love, it is quite obvious that planning for the ultimate romantic date is the main criteria. Who does not want to wish their loved one a happy New Year 2017 at midnight? Planning for the perfect romantic date for such a special occasion does take some time, and with the ever present question of how to make this date special can lead to a lot of confusion.

Therefore, we present to you some of the simple yet romantic date ideas that would be perfect and would also bring a smile on the partners face on this beautiful day of New Year. Apparently, there are those who would just want to stick to the idea of a perfect New Years eve dinner followed by a movie and the final countdown, but there are those who just wants to take it a step beyond the usual. For those here is a list of New Year Romantic Date Ideas 2017.

new year romantic date ideas

Here are some of the New Year Romantic Date Ideas 2017

  • Picnic– This is the perfect plan for a New Year Romantic date, where the couple can plan a small picnic out in the open and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Hike– For those couple who wants to be close to the nature with the company of each other can think of going for a hike and spend the New Years Eve night under the star lit sky
  • Garden Center– Make a lovely garden center, spent the evening planting trees in the garden and have a great time with each other. This will be a creative yet fun way to spend the New Year.
  • Airplane Watching– Pack some cheese and crackers, along with a bottle of favourite wine and go to the nearest airport to watch the planes and jets come in and go out. You may even have an airport near you where sky divers practice.
  • City Tour– Explore the city with your loved one click some awesome new year images, go to those places of the city you haven’t visited with the special someone and enjoy the day by finishing it with a fancy dinner till it is midnight.

These are some of the New Year Romantic Date Ideas 2017, that one can spend with their loved one till it is midnight when it is time to wish each other a happy New Year and look forward to a wonderful year together.